Our Packaging


Our packaging is really important to us and we strive to ensure all of our  hampers are packed with great care and attention. Where possible we avoid the use of plastic and instead will replace it with wood wool (inside the box), to protect our breakable products and Kraft gum tape to seal our packing boxes. 


Our boxes 

We currently use double walled cardboard boxes to package all of our hampers, these vary from 60-90% of recycled content per box. 


We use a British Company whose distribution centre is only 25 miles away from our base in Gloucestershire & we order in bulk to reduce the amount of deliveries made per year and help reduce our carbon footprint. 


The Company we use have adopted a stringent sustainability and environmental policy and in 2019 they reduced their waste by 120 tonnes. 


Our wood wool


We decided to use wood wool as fillings for our hampers & we buy this in large quantities to try and reduce our carbon footprint. By ordering in bulk we receive fewer deliveries throughout the year from our UK wood wool provider. 


What is wood wool? 


Wood wool is an eco friendly product, which is completely biodegradable. We use a British Company that only buy their timber from responsible suppliers within the UK. 


Wood wool is a light, bio-degradable void fill made from shredded timber.


History of wood wool


Wood wool was invented over 200 years ago and became very popular as a way to keep items safe and secure whilst they were transported on the back of horse carts. At the start of the 19th century wood wool was the most popular form of loose fill packaging, but then in the 50’s something happened……polystyrene became popular……Because of this eventually most of the wood wool factories closed down in the UK and the industry nearly died.


Wood wool adds an authentic and special addition to our box hampers and upon opening your box it instantly creates excitement. We have received lots of lovely feedback to say that people love rummaging through and finding all of their goodies!


Our tissue paper and packing tape 


Both of these products form part of the ‘Eco-packaging alliance’ of which we are proud to support. 


The supplier we use, adopts eco-packaging with all of their products and for every order placed with them they plant trees in areas that need it most. To date, they have planted nearly 10,000 trees. 


Our tape is 100% FSC approved (forest stewardship council) this certifies that the paper products that make up our custom packaging tape are sourced from a forest and supply chain that is managed responsibly and sustainably. Furthermore, the tape itself is made from 100% recycled content and is water-activated. This means it doesn’t have any wax or gloss coatings and is therefore biodegradable. 


Our packing tape is printed with soy inks, an eco-friendly alternative to petroleum based inks. Soy-based inks are made from soybeans, which is a renewable resource, and printing with these inks does not leave behind petroleum based products while decomposing. Soy inks also have low levels of VOCs, which reduces air pollution during the printing process. 


We believe it is important to try and be as eco- friendly as possible & it is our mission to keep sourcing new ways to package items and still provide a lovely box hamper, which we are proud to send out as gifts to you. 


We will continually search for better ways to ensure your box hampers are delivered safely whilst maintaining an eco-friendly footprint.