Q & A with Freshly Spiced

At Britbury's we only work with independent British businesses & we feel lucky to be able to support them whilst at the same time creating luxury box hampers for all our customers to enjoy.

We want to be able to share information about our Companies & for the next few weeks, we will be bringing you some Q&A sessions with the owners of each of the Companies.

To start us off, we have been lucky enough to talk to Tom & Claire from Freshly Spiced.

Freshly Spiced is a family run business, which includes Tom and his wife Claire. Their focus is on producing high quality, vibrant spices and blends, which can be used in an array of recipes.

All of their spices and spice blends are toasted first to enhance the aromas and ground in small batches. If you are lucky enough to order these, you will not be disappointed at the gorgeous aromas coming through their BRC accredited, re-sealable pouches. The pouches have been especially designed to keep light, air and heat away, which create the optimal spice storage.

Freshly Spiced spices and spice blends make a perfect gift or a great addition to your own kitchen's. With Father's day coming up, these would be perfect to add to your own hand-crafted boxes or you will find them in a range of our Father's day box hampers (which are launching this weekend).

1. What is your Company name and where are you located?

Freshly Spiced and we are located in Nottingham

2. What products does Freshly Spiced offer?

We produce a range of natural spice blends and ground spices. We have 26 spice blends and over 60 free recipes online with new recipes added monthly to promote simple, healthy meals full of flavour.

3. Tell us a fun fact about the business?

Tom’s grandfather had one of the first spice shops in Nottingham in the 1950’s providing the upcoming ethnic community with a range of freshly ground spices.

4. What makes your products stand out from the rest?

We grind all spices and blends regularly ensuring a really fresh, aromatic product. We do not use onion powders or garlic powders as they are often used to pack out spice blends to keep costs down and also can cause many people to have issues with IBS. We prefer customers to use fresh.

Products are ground from whole spices and are Gluten Free.

5. As a business what do you value most?

The ability to work together as a family to build the business and bounce ideas off each other. We have grown the business from nothing, managing all aspects from product creation, recipes, website management, artwork & invoices. It is a learning curve and it is important to have a strong team to work with to continually develop and often question a decision before it is taken forward.

We want to thank Tom and Claire for taking part in our Britbury's blog, we absolutely love their products & the fact we are able to support this fantastic family business.

A range of their products are available either through our ready-made hampers or you can pick your favourites in the hand-crafted box hamper section.

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