Chocolarder - Asháninka 72% Dark

Chocolarder is one of the only small batch bean-to-bar chocolate makers in the country. Chocolarder produce fine quality, stone ground chocolate using organic beans imported from single estate, family run plantations in Venezuela, Java, Madagascar, Peru and the Dominican Republic.


Asháninka 72% Dark - Tasting Notes

Early notes of green and red fruit, with undertones of hazelnut. Middle tones of apple peel and raspberry slowly give way to a long ending of burnt sugar caramel.

Bright red fruits balance with hazelnut and sweet apple flavours.


Bean Varietal -  Amazonian criollo

Bean Origin. -  Ene River valley, Peru

Cocoa. -  72%

Grind Length. -  26hrs

Conch Length. -  34hrs

Ageing - 32days


Origin: Ene River Valley, Peru


vegan / dairy free / gluten free / soya free / refined sugar free


The Asháninka People

The indigenous Asháninka people maintain their independence by cultivating and harvesting Peruvian rainforest cacao, which they sell to support and protect their land and communities.

Partnering with rainforest preservation charity Cool Earth to source direct from the growers, Chocolarder are excited to be able to show off this exquisitely fruity cacao whilst contributing to a sustainable future for the Asháninka.


The Ashaninka are one of the largest indigenous groups that populate the Amazon rainforest. Settled in small communities on their ancestral lands in Peru, their tribal way of life remains intact, relying on traditional methods of hunting, fishing and farming to subsist.


Illegal loggers pose a very real threat to the land upon which the Ashaninka have thrived for centuries, and therefore to their survival as a people.


Rainforest preservation charity Cool Earth has been working with the Ashaninka to educate them in how to cultivate, ferment and dry fine flavour cacao using traditional means that minimally impact their environment. The beans attract a much higher price than commodity cacao, enabling them to fend off the threat to their land and provide a long-term and secure future for their families.


Why Chocolarder?

- 100% Plastic free packaging
- Ethically sourced beans
- Naturally processed sugar
- Supporting Reforestation around the world
- Multi award winning chocolate makers
- Slavery free
- Fairly traded
- Vegan friendly
- Palm oil free

Chocolarder - Asháninka 72% Dark

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  • Ingredients

    Cocoa beans and unrefined raw sugar.

  • Keeping it real

    The Beans
    At Chocolarder, they suffer the privilege of having to sample a huge number of different cocoa beans and are consistently astounded by the diversity of flavour on offer.

    Criollo beans are generally held to be the best due to depth of flavour and the health benefits they have been proven to deliver. Chocolarder use crops that are 100% organically grown and pesticide free.

    The Sugar
    Raw cane sugar best compliments the flavor of cocoa. It has a lesser impact on blood sugar levels, and is easier for the body to digest than fully refined sugars. Sourcing the sugar close to the cocoa means it can all get onto one boat.

    The Process
    Like all good things, making chocolate shouldn’t be rushed.

    First the bags of beans are sorted by hand – sticks and flat fruitless beans discarded, misshapen and clumped beans put to one side (they go into the bakers chocolate).

    The chosen ones are slowly roasted, a process which ensures even roasting, moisture retention and a finer control over the ‘sweet spot’, ie. the point at which the flavour profile of the cocoa is at it’s peak.

    Beans are removed from their shells and stoneground to fine granules, then finer still into cocoa liquor. A stone melangeur, a giant stone wheel on a stone slab, crushes the sugar and cocoa particles until they are infinitesimal.

    The chocolate is then conched, and this is the true alchemy of the process. The chocolate is aerated and kneaded, particles are rounded and evenly distributed throughout the chocolate, acids dissipate, flavour compounds react and the chocolate’s character is brought to life.

    When the chocolate is finally ready, it is poured out of the conch to be matured in huge blocks for around 40 days to mature the flavour so that by the time you eat it, it simply couldn’t taste any better.

    Keeping it fresh

    Chocolarder's packaging is not your average mass brand foil and paper affair. The box is a secure and pretty home for your bar, allowing you to safely store the bar in between tasting ensuring you don’t end up with a crumpled mess of paper and foil, and won’t affect the flavour of the chocolate, keeping it in prime condition. Chocolarder have sourced recycled and recyclable material for the entirety of the packaging.