Tregothnan - English Breakfast Tea – 21 Sachets

Tregothnan's English Breakfast tea bags are bold, malty and have a rich blend, which incorporates some of the 38 different varieties of Camellia sinensis that were gifted to Tregothnan from growers across the world at the end of the last millennia.


Each box contains 21 individually foiled English Breakfast tea bags for ultra freshness.


Tregothnan - English Breakfast Tea – 21 Sachets

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  • Ingredients

    Tregothnan's English Breakfast Tea is made with the widest variety of leaves ever grown in England, then blended with the finest Assam.

  • Brewing Instructions

    Use filtered or bottled water just off the boil. Brew for 3 to 4 minutes depending on how strong you like your tea – we recommend 3 minutes of steeping time before tasting.

    English Breakfast Tea can be served with or without milk and sweetened with honey or sugar to taste.