The Clovelly Soap Co - Gentleman's Shaving Bar

If you are a fan of the old fashioned wet shave with a good quality bar of soap then look no further! This gentlemans shaving bar is chock full of nourishing oils, Anti-septic Tea Tree Oil and Bentonite volcanic clay to make your shave extra special. This bar has great slip on the razor and a wonderful lather to soften the bristles ready for a smooth shave.  All ingredients are natural and The Clovelly Soap Co have had lots of great reviews on their shaving soap from their discerning gentleman fans.


Caring for your Soap


Natural soap will last equally as long as soaps made with synthetics and preservatives – it simply needs fresh air to breathe (just like us!).


As handmade soap contains only natural ingredients, it is softer than most mass-produced bars. A little extra care and attention goes a long way to keep natural soap at its very best for longer.


We recommend you use a soap dish that allows air to circulate all around the soap.  Where possible, open bathroom windows to let in fresh air, this will not diminish the fragrance of your soap.


Finally, we advise that you allow your soap to dry between uses where possible, and avoid leaving it either lying in water, or where it will be splashed.

The Clovelly Soap Co - Gentleman's Shaving Bar

SKU: 1150105
  • Ingredients: Saponified Olive Oil, Coconut Oil and Sustainably sourced Palm Oil, Bentonite Clay,  Tea Tree Oil

    No animal testing
    Free from artificial ingredients
    No animal ingredients
    No SLS or Parabens