Hot Chilli Sauce - 230ml

Alive with that most piquant of peppers, the habanero chilli, here’s a sauce that will blow your socks clean off. Tomatoes and onions lend a welcome sweetness, while a scrunch of lime and dash of tamarind add zest and twang.


A judicious dab will soup up a stew or boost a bolognese. And it makes a fine, if brave, dip for chunky chips or juicy chicken wings.



Raw cane sugar, cider vinegar, tomatoes, red peppers, green peppers, onions, habanero chillies (3%), water, lime juice, fish sauce (anchovy [fish], salt, sugar), ginger, tamarind paste, coriander, garlic, sea salt.

Refrigerate after opening.

Gluten Free.

Hot Chilli Sauce - 230ml